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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Fairwood Playground Description

The Fairwood commercial playground equipment is a fun feat of physical strength for kids ages five years and up. This collection of overhead climbers encourages training for arm strength and endurance. The different overhead climbers work a variety of muscles that help develop core strength in a social environment that encourages children to challenge one another to succeed. This outdoor play structure is centered by a single 12″ elevated square platform with climbers jutting out from its every angle, allowing kids to choose their path. The Overhead Horizontal Ladder is a classic playground strength tester with simple rungs in which to swing across to progress to the end. The Overhead Horizontal Snake Loop Ladder mirrors the same familiar principle, but with alternating twists that require the use of hand-eye coordination as well as determination to swing the body forward from one side to the other. The Overhead Rung Ladder is a sea of hanging shaped rungs with lower bars that may be easier for younger children to use as they test their skills and work on their upper body ability. Finally, there is an Overhead Single Parallel Bar for a heightened challenge that tests a culmination of endurance, strength, grip, and determination. _x000D_n

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