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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Everett Playground Description

The Everett outdoor play system is a series of playground components for school-aged children with a capacity of up to 16 children featuring a slide, climber, and activities. The enhanced design of this commercial playground equipment will immediately capture the attention of children with intriguing Pixel Climber, uniquely configured with blocks and holes that create a fun and challenging climbing experience. The Transfer Station Stairs offer straightforward access to the top for children of varying abilities. Once at the peak, kids will enjoy the discovery of a Ball Maze Panel that benefits from the shade of the overhead roof. This vantage point of four feet above the ground when installed also makes for a fun lookout of the rest of the playground. When they want to re-join their friends on ground level, a Single Left Turn Slide is a quick way to the ground. On this level is features a built-in Rain Wheel for yet another means of engaging play.

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