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Eagle Springs


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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Eagle Springs Playground Description

Imaginations will soar as children embark on a safari adventure in this Eagle Springs commercial play structure. In a wondrous jungle-themed appearance that goes beyond standard playground equipment, this play set adds a little pizzazz that infuses your outdoor playscape design with charm and character. As children climb into the tree house by way of a whimsical Bamboo Climber, Jungle Climber or Transfer Station, they will find themselves fully immersed in a colorful palette that provides shade with an attractive hex leaf roof. This captivating recreational play system not only keeps children physically active but also encourages mental stimulation with interactive features including an engaging Maze Panel and playful Ship’s Wheel. The base of the structure is sheltered by a fun Window Stump Panel that inspires all manner of make-believe play and conversation. Two sliding options including a right Turn Slide and Wave Slide that are developmentally optimized for young children on up in a fun and safe design. The Eagle Springs outdoor play system is styled to fit seamlessly into your community park playground design, apartment complex playground design, day school playground design, or church playground design while taking playtime to the next level.

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