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Double Row Pebble Bridge



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Double Row Pebble Bridge Playground Description

The Double Row Pebble Bridge is truly a unique and engaging piece of commercial playground equipment. It features two main overhead bars with moving “pendulum” pebble platforms that children can walk over in an intriguing take on the balance beam. Unlike a balance beam, however, these pebble steps sway back and forth as children walk across them. Because of this limited sway, the steps are equipped with a vertical pole that they can use as hand grips to maintain their balance as they cross. There are two rows of these pebble steps, each row with five steps. This allows the structure to be used by two children at once to see who can finish the course first, or for when times that the event is not busy, it allows a single child to dash back and forth across the rows to tackle the course in their own unique fashion.

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