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Dog Park Trash Receptacle

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Dog Park Trash Receptacle Playground Description

The Dog Park Trash Receptacle is an absolutely darling way to coral trash and adds a splash of themed fun at your dog park, community park, playground or campground. This receptacle manages waste with a whopping 32-gallon capacity, which means it will not need frequent maintenance. This can is made from perforated steel with commercial-grade coating for durability against sun fading, weather, vandalism, and corrosion. It comes complete with a flat top lid and interior liner.  This fun-loving can fits effortlessly into your canine-friendly park with a whimsical dog silhouette featured at the can’s front that is instantly recognizable as man’s beloved, four-legged friend. To really enhance the look for your venue, this can is available in a variety of hues to color coordinate with your location. This trash receptacle is well equipped to encourage patrons to keep your venue neat and clean, after all, it’s for the dogs!

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