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Diamond Pattern Contoured Bench with Arms

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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Diamond Pattern Contoured Bench with Arms Playground Description

The Diamond Pattern Contoured Bench with Arms adds stylish flair to any park or outdoor area that it is added to. The contoured shape of the bench imitates the natural curvature of a person’s back, making it a comfortable place to sit for extended periods of time. The bench comes with a 7-year warranty and is available in a variety of custom color options. The durable thermoplastic coating on the bench is resistant to all kinds of natural wear and tear, including UV damage, which means that the color will stay vibrant and unfaded, even after years of use. The coating is also vandal-resistant, so it is hard to cut or peel, but easy to clean. The Diamond Pattern Contoured Bench with arms can be ordered with an in-ground or surface mount, which allow it to be permanently installed in just about any location. A portable base mount is also available, which allows this bench to be moved freely._x000D_n_x000D_n_x000D_n_x000D_nCOMES IN:_x000D_nLength: 4′,6′_x000D_nFinish: Standard or Extreme_x000D_nMount: In-Ground, Surface, or Portable

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