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Cucumber Run


children's playground equipment


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Cucumber Run Playground Description

The Cucumber Run commercial playground equipment combines everything that children will love in an endearing layout of excitement and imaginative fun. With a blend of climbing options and sliding enjoyment, this outdoor play structure is geared to help develop healthy active habits of young children. Kids will love challenging their coordination and upper body strength on the Rock Hole Climber or Pod Climber. A Transfer Station makes an easier journey upward for younger children or those with mobility challenges. A 4 foot Double Slide whooshes down from the first deck. Kids will love racing across the wiggly, jiggly Bones Bridge as they work on keeping their balance. The neighboring 48″ elevated platform is covered with a Line Roof and equipped with a Gear Panel for interactive play that teaches about cause and effect. A set of steps guides children to the final deck of 72″ elevation. This deck is also covered and is prepared to deliver excitement through the presence of a 6 foot Wave Slide. After all the sliding exhilaration, children might want a quick rest. The ground level Bench Panel allows just such a sojourn. Along with a Ship’s Wheel, this playground is set for fun for kids between the ages of five and twelve years old.

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