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Craggy Series Tri Connect

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Craggy Series Tri Connect Playground Description

The Craggy Tri Connect is a unique climbing structure to update and connect your three Craggy Climber sections. This Craggy Tri Connect climber not only adds fun and lengthens playtime, but it also works to promote coordination, strength, endurance, and balance. While many climber sections reveal a linear construction, this commercial playground climber grants your craggy climber sections additional direction and dimension that permits you to connect up to three walls with as many segments as you see fit. It makes for a great customized centerpiece for your outdoor playground climbing structure that invited multiple children to climb and interact at once. The stability and durable hand and foot holds, create a safe play environment that encourages healthy physical activity. This climber attachment not only stabilizes and connects the different craggy climber sections, but it is also meant for climbing, offering children a different path up and down while engaging with the different climbing sections of the wall. _x000D_n

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