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Craggy Series Ladder Connect

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Craggy Series Ladder Connect Playground Description

The Craggy Series Ladder Connect commercial playground component is the perfect companion for your Craggy Climber Sections. This durable little ladder boasts a traditional ladder layout that will be familiar to young and old, offering a straightforward means of reaching their destination on the Craggy Climber. This handy outdoor climber attachment offers a great way to link or expand your Craggy Climber Sections for maximum play value. Because of the gaps present between the rungs, it lends the benefit of dividing the space up visually so it is not a single blockade, but rather peers through to the rest of the playground and those engaging in its activities. This is perfect for kids who like to keep tabs on what their friends are doing or show off to parents or caregivers watching from the sidelines. This ladder climber component is a great way to introduce basic agility, hand-eye coordination, motor planning, and lower, core and upper body strength. _x000D_n

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