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Craggy Series Geo Ladder Connect

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Craggy Series Geo Ladder Connect Playground Description

The Craggy Series Geo Ladder Connect commercial playground component introduces style and function to your outdoor play space that fits right in between any two Craggy Climber sections to extend the adventure of your climbing wall feature. While it almost looks like a traditional ladder, this climber poses a unique challenge in that its rungs are staggered at differing levels, giving children pause as they consider their next step. It is a truly fun way for kids to reach the top of a climbing wall, but it is not just about the destination with this climber, rather it’s all about the journey. Because the design lends the appearance of interlocking stones, it can easily be incorporated along with the rocky details of the Craggy Climber sections without interrupting the aesthetic of the natural-look appearance. This commercial playground climber encourages the development of visual, agility, core body strength, eye-hand coordination, fine motor, lower body strength, motor planning, upper body strength, problem-solving and imaginative play._x000D_n

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