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commercial playground equipment daycare


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Conroe Playground Description

The Conroe commercial play structure is an outdoor playground come true! Kids ages two to twelve years can discover all of the fun and varied activities and challenges. Climb up the Transfer Station or Pod Climber to the first 36″ elevated platform. Kids can explore like real mountain climber as they scale the tall Craggy Climber then slither down the slide from the 48″ elevated covered deck. For a more direct route to the slide, children can take the Snake Climber or Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall. Tucked beneath this deck is a single Pebble Climber in which to sit and rest or chat with a friend. On ground play elements include a Ship’s Wheel steering panel for engaging dramatic play or Single Drum to tap out some beats. As children explore this recreational playground equipment they will develop strong and healthy habits while climbing, running, sliding and playing. These many play elements help to develop strong gross motor and cognitive skills. _x000D_n

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