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Centennial Ranch


commercial playground equipment


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Centennial Ranch Playground Description

The Centennial Ranch commercial playground equipment is the stuff of legends! This cool play structure features numerous means of imaginative, social and active play. Starting on the ground level, this play set is outfitted with post-mounted Ship’s Wheel and Bongos, plus a peephole cut out at the bottom of the Rock Hole Climber that permits kids the opportunity to crawl out from beneath the unit. This Rock Hole Climber is a fun challenge for older kids. The Pea Pod Climber and Transfer Station with stairs are also a means to reach the structure’s two 48″ triangular elevated platforms and a single 36″ square elevated platform. Once on these lookout decks, children will find a Gear Panel to explore as well as a Straight Slide and a Right Turn Slide to ride down to the ground level. This system is the perfect playground equipment for churches, schools, municipal parks and apartment complexes designed for children in the 2 to 12 year age range.

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