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grants for playgrounds for schools


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Cantonville Playground Description

The Cantonville commercial play system contains all the playground elements children need to develop cognitive skills, encourage muscular development and build social skills while having lots of fun. This play set has it all, from a wide range of climbers including a cool Pixel Climber, challenging Chain Climber, fun Sea Creature Climber and simple Transfer Station Stairs to its awesome Right turn Slide, Left Turn Slide and Wave Slide. The deck level components are just as exciting with interactive Gear Panel, educational Math Panel and Lookout Deck with Ship’s Wheel. These features are all spread out over several thrilling elevations with the highest 60″ elevated platform shaded y a charming line roof. Down on the ground level, children can engage in musical solos with the Single Drum and Rain Wheel or enjoy dramatic play with the Store Panel. This outdoor playground equipment is best enjoyed between the ages of two and twelve years.

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