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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Buckhead Playground Description

It’s all kids on deck when it comes to the Buckhead commercial playground equipment. This maestro of decks goes from heights of 48″ elevation up to 76″ elevation with Tube Bridge, interactive Gear Panel, enclosed stairs and Square Roof shade that make an adventure out of every experience! A simple Transfer Station eases upwards for those seeking an easy route to the top, meanwhile, a Stump Climber, Rock Hole Climber, and Pod Climber offers an alternative way to scale the structure’s child-friendly heights. When kids are ready to make a quick exit, a 4 foot Double Slide and mega Spiral Slide get the job done in style! Once down at ground level, kids can try their hand at the Craggy Climber Turn Section and Craggy Climber End Section. There is also a Ship’s Wheel steering panel, noise making Rain Wheel, musical Single Drum and rhythmic Bongos in which to interact within an ADA compliant, all-inclusive design.

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