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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Birchwood Playground Description

The Birchwood recreational playground equipment is a sweet play system for your park, school, church or daycare playground design. This preschool play system is perfect for the two and up crowd with a blend of gentle slides and beginner climber challenges. The choice between slides makes for a unique way to socialize as children discuss and strategize which slide to ride down. The slides themselves bolster speech, language, and cognitive development. Whether choosing to go solo down the 3 foot Right Turn Slide or opting for a side-by-side race with friends on the 4 Foot Double Slide, children will have a blast whooshing to ground level. The Incline Tube Bridge that links the 36″ elevated and 48″ elevated decks makes for a fun journey that provokes thought and planning as children contemplate the different ways to pass through. A classic element to this play system, there is also a Fireman Pole to slide down all your favorite heroes in red! To access these elements, children can ascend via the Transfer Station with handholds or test out their climbing skills on the Vertical Ladder. The Drum Panel and Ship’s wheel on ground level offers play opportunities for everyone, while the deck level Gear Panel is a fun way to learn around cause-effect in a hands-on way.

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