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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Allentown Playground Description

Flowering with awesome play opportunities, the Allentown outdoor playground equipment is outfitted to the max with tons of sliding fun, climbing adventures and on-deck play. A Transfer Station with wide stairs makes for the most direct route to the deck level, while the Pixel Climber and Zipper Climber and Vertical Ladder make for a more challenging journey to the top. The deck’s steady upwards ascent takes children on a journey from a low height of 36″ elevation in a spiral upwards to a height of 90″ elevation. As they travel along this path, overhead Palm Tree Toppers offer a whimsical look while offering the structure some measure of shade. A Metal Barrier with Ship’s Wheel and hands-on Gear Panel stands out on the deck level for dramatic play, accompanied by a 4-foot Straight Slide, 7 foot Right Turn Slide and 8 foot Right Turn Slide. After whooshing down these slides, children can interact with the ground level play panels that include an educational Half Spelling Panel and Half Math Panel, Bench Panel for resting, Ship’s Wheel, musical Bongos and Store Panel.

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