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After While Crocodile Fun Bounce



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

After While Crocodile Fun Bounce Playground Description

After While Crocodile Fun Bounce is an imaginative and classic playground toy meant to stimulate creative and active play. This commercial playground equipment pulls double duty with room enough for two riders to play at once. It is equipped with two springs for added support and super bounce power. It boasts two handlebars so that two children can steadily ride the gator together without fear of falling off. The design allows for a place for kids to rest their feet as they get the gator rider moving back and forth or from side to side. This life-like gator is a whimsical addition to your outdoor playground design, but he’s anything but scary. This little guy is full of smiles and good times. This spring bounce toy is the perfect design for encouraging imaginative play and social interaction in preschool children between the ages of two to five years old.

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