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Adventure Series  Snake Climber Wavy

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Adventure Series  Snake Climber Wavy Playground Description

This Adventure Series Snake Climber Wavy makes a most desirable and interesting upward path to the deck level of your commercial playground structure. While it boasts the same alternating steps as the traditional snake climber, this climbing attachment kicks the challenge up a notch with a wavy design that is tons of fun to use. Children will have to plan their steps, alternating between using their right and left feet, but then the climber takes a new dimension and suddenly children will have to compensate, causing strategic thinking and reasoning to kick in. This climber is fantastic for boosting a child’s motor skills as well as body strength in a fun environment that promotes healthy active play.  While the concept challenges thinking, the layout actually makes it easier to ascend by offering more places to step. With multiple places available as footholds, children with longer legs can choose to use the climber’s more advanced square steps, while younger kids can use each rung as individual steps to reduce the gap for easier climbing.

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