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Adventure Series  Pod Climber

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Adventure Series  Pod Climber Playground Description

Help them grow by leaps and bounce with help from this Adventure Series Pod Climber. This vertical climbing event provides a new challenge to climbers, allowing them to harness vital critical thinking as they plan each step, all while practicing different climbing techniques. The climber is comprised of five flat vertical pod steps with open spaces that can be used as handgrips or footholds. This special design encourages kids to climb, inspiring the enhanced development of gross motor and fine motor skills. It makes the perfect complement to your commercial playground structure, providing a new and exciting means of reaching the elevated decks of the play system. The straightforward function makes it easy for children as young as five to use, yet still provides a fun avenue for older kids to reach their intended destinations. Update or customize your playground with this Pod Climber for an instant dose of excitement!

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