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Adventure Series  Inverted Arch Ladder

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Adventure Series  Inverted Arch Ladder Playground Description

Make every experience an adventure with this Adventure Series  Inverted Arch Ladder for your outdoor playground structure. Children will have fun climbing and playing outdoors in this intriguing climber designed to be physically challenging. It provides the ideal opportunity for children to develop strong muscles, develop a healthy appreciation for fitness, work on hand-eye coordination and hone interactive skills. Children can use the rungs as footholds and the vertical bar as handholds to stabilize themselves as they ascend the climber to their destination. Since every bar in the entire structure has a curved shape, it makes the entire experience unique and memorable.  Kids get a good work out while having loads of fun. It makes the perfect replacement for the traditional ladder climber in which to customize your outdoor play system. it is a great component for children ages five to twelve to play on and enjoy in a safe and encouraging environment.

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