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Adventure Series  Cyclone Climber Attachment

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Adventure Series  Cyclone Climber Attachment Playground Description

This Adventure Series Cyclone Climber Attachment is ready for action, providing a challenging, stimulating and fun means of reaching the elevated platforms of your commercial playground equipment. Designed to reflect the intriguing look of the Craggy Climber series, this unique event takes on new dimensions, bending at a 90-degree angle in connection with the intended support post of your outdoor play system. This unique climbing panel features four hand grips in cooperation with several small holes meant as footholds, all strategically placed in ways that make the climber accessible for kids ages five to twelve years old, while still offering them a moderate climbing challenge. The wavy outline of the climber keeps with the theme of its rock wall appearance, engaging interest and dramatic play. Ripe for interaction, this climber provides a way for children to practice coordination, build strength and hone strategic thinking skills, all in the name of play!

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