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Adventure Series  4-Feet Rock Hole Climber

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Adventure Series  4-Feet Rock Hole Climber Playground Description

Children can explore new worlds from the comfort of your commercial playground equipment with this  Adventure Series 4-Feet Rock Hole Climber. This unique structure takes climbing to a new level, with engaging dimensions that extend a new challenge to climbers, allowing them to contemplate different planning routes as well as climbing techniques. At four feet in height, this climbing attachment offers a fun avenue for reaching deck level heights on your outdoor play system. Offering plenty of rocky outcroppings that can be used as footholds, children can scale the climber and feel a confidence boost as they conquer the event. With a child-sized hole at the base, not only does this climber offer strength training and pathways to the structure itself, but it also engages imaginative play. With their endless imaginations, children will have a blast climbing through the hole and playing pretend. Throughout play, a child’s social and emotional development soars as they learn and express empathy for their peers as well as practice taking turns.

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