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Active Play Tilted Pebble Bridge

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Active Play Tilted Pebble Bridge Playground Description

The Tilted Pebble Bridge is an innovative and imaginative way for kids to play, improve their balance, build coordination skills, and enjoy exercise in a safe outdoor environment. This climber assures multiple play opportunities, engaging children and developing physical, social, and imaginative skills. Each of the six pebble steps is tilted at an angle, fashioned with high traction footing that provides an extra challenge to the balancing act. While it makes a fantastic gymnast inspired challenge, it’s also a fun gathering spot where children of different ages can play together, even opting to take a seat and share stories when not attempting to conquer the climber’s unique challenge. Everyone will want to try out this eye-catching destination, and with straight poled sticking out of the middle of each pebble, kids of ages five to twelve years of age can take a try crossing the tilted terrain of this adventurous climber.

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