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Active Play Pebble Bridge

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Active Play Pebble Bridge Playground Description

When play is involved, the Pebble Bridge commercial playground equipment is a fun way for children to incorporate skill-building exercises into everyday play. The unique design concept of this pebble climber makes it a blast to hang on, hop over and race across each pair of pebbles featuring a staggered, higher and lower height that cleverly emphasizes balance, motor planning, and hand-eye coordination. Poles at the center of each pebble pair make it easy for even the youngest to get in on the excitement without worrying about losing their footing. Three pebble pairs for a total of six steps make a fantastic play destination to fulfill the adventurous spirits of all who gather at your outdoor play system. The gymnast inspired layout is perfect for those budding Olympics-minded kids who want to start their training off on the right foot. When in cooperation with other obstacle course challenges, this pebble bridge will make your playground the most coveted around!

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