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Active Play Floating Bridge

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Active Play Floating Bridge Playground Description

With a bit of storybook magic surrounding it, the Floating Bridge commercial playground equipment melds adventurous play with imaginative wonders. With the spirited play to be discovered on this outdoor playset, kids can bound across the bridge’s slightly springy contour to reach the opposite other side or use their imaginative spirit to pretend there is a quizzical troll under the bridge or that they are dashing heroes on a quest to slay the scary dragon. Because the bridge “floats” on the attached sturdy ropes, kids will be able to enjoy a little bouncing fun on their journey. As such, this outdoor play system will be a prime destination for kids to visit again and again. This arched bridge also offers a handrail to support those who need the extra assurance when crossing the bridge. Running or walking across this bridge will result in a truly unique and exciting experience that will quickly become the highlight of your outdoor playground!

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