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90 Degree Swinging Ring Ladder



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

90 Degree Swinging Ring Ladder Playground Description

This 90-Degree Swinging Ring Ladder couples moveable hand grips with a 90-degree angle to take the climber world by storm! This extended climber reveals two gentle 45-degree bends in cooperation with eight ring grips that extend from the main overhead beam. These ergonomic handholds provide moderate mobility that adds to the overall challenge of the event as does the slight curvature. This swinging motion causes children to plan and think about how they move their body and time their transition to the preceding rung. As with any overhead climber, this event also incorporates upper body strength and fitness as well as endurance and agility. As they time their momentum, children will find this play event is nothing short of thrilling. With a short vertical ladder at both ends of the structure, kids can reach the event as well as easily exit once the course has been conquered. When children reach the finish line, they will feel so accomplished, they will be all smiles!

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