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90 Degree Snake Loop Ladder



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

90 Degree Snake Loop Ladder Playground Description

Climb up, climb down, climb all around this 90-Degree Snake Loop Ladder. This overhead ladder is an angular climbing structure with a geometric design that provides endless hours of upper body fitness. The unusual shape and position of the overhead hand rungs are one of the features that truly set this climbing event apart from the rest. Each square shaped run weaves along the climber in a back and forth design. This innovative design truly tests strategic planning, timing, agility, endurance and upper body strength in a unique fashion. It also provides more places to grab hold of so that as children learn to master the event, they can really get moving. Along its unusual path, this climber takes two 45-degree bends that add to the challenge while also providing a unique function compared to standard straight climbers. With short vertical ladders at either end, this climber can be accessed or exited from either end.

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